Premier League sides linked with Juve’s Matias Soule


Juventus are contemplating a contract renewal for young sensation Soulé Soule, but Premier League clubs, including Crystal Palace and Newcastle, are actively monitoring the situation with a keen interest that might soon translate into concrete offers. The current valuation of Soulé stands at a substantial 40 million euros, a figure that reflects his growing reputation.

Tuttosport report that even during the match against Milan, scouts from Crystal Palace and Newcastle were spotted in the stands, signaling a strong interest that may lead to formal offers directed at Juventus. Additionally, Brentford have been diligently scouting Soulé on multiple occasions in recent months. French clubs, Monaco and Nice, had already dispatched their scouts in the fall, demonstrating a keen eye on the emerging talent. This scouting network is likely to expand further if Soulé continues his impressive performances.

Gianluca Giuntoli and Fabio Manna have long been in talks with Soulé’s agent, Martin Guastadisegno, to draft a preliminary agreement for a contract extension in the event of the player’s return to the parent club. This serves as a fitting reward for Soulé’s outstanding performance in Frosinone, where he has become the linchpin for the newly-promoted yellow-blue side, steering them towards safety. Tuttosport reports that a renewal is on the horizon as a testament to Soulé’s remarkable contributions.


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