Pulisic: “Next year we aim for the Scudetto, consistency is key’


Milan winger Christian Pulisic spoke to CBS Sports Golazo about his experiences and the upcoming release of a docuseries centered on him:

“I believe the two seasons before this one were difficult for me. Finally, I was given an opportunity, and I felt Milan’s confidence in me from the start. I was excited to begin and to play for such a historic club. It’s great to feel like myself again and to show people that I can still perform well.

“Can we aim for the Scudetto next year? Yes, absolutely. I think that’s the goal. Obviously, the season that just ended was a good one for me personally, which feels great, but it’s not the most important thing for me. I believe I am never truly satisfied. Our team hopes to achieve a bit more consistency next season. I think we have a real chance because we have some very strong players.”


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