Rabiot: ‘I will decide my future after the Coppa Italia Final’


Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot remains coy on his future, saying he won’t talk to the club about his future until their objectives are met. The Bianconeri have now secured a place in next seasons Champions League, but still have to play the Coppa Italia final against Atalanta on Wednesday. Speaking after Juve’s 1-1 draw against Salernitana, the Frenchman spoke to Sky Sport (via TMW), addressing the topic of his future:

“I’ve already said it: until we achieve our goals, we won’t talk to the club. When we are in the Champions League (qualification obtained after the interview, editor’s note) and we have won this cup, we will see. How do I feel? I am happy and proud to be here and to lead this team of young players. Tonight, I also had the captain’s armband. But in football, we need to communicate: there are things to be said, but we will see after the final. We will have time to do it.”

He also shared his thoughts on Juventus’ recent struggles: “The situation has been complicated for many weeks. We need to try to stay calm, especially because there is a final to play on Wednesday. It’s not the time to go off track now: there are three games left in the season, but these situations can happen in football. It’s a young and inexperienced group, so it’s understandable. Against Salernitana, we had a bad first half: there’s nothing to say about it. Then we did better in the second half, created chances. However, it must be said that we lacked clarity.”

Regarding the upcoming match against Atalanta, is there more concern or anger? “It’s a single match: we will play it, even though they are doing well. Personally, I prefer facing strong teams and playing a good final. Right now, we are a bit down, but we have a good moment to experience. There’s a final, it’s a good moment, and we will try to win this cup.”

Why all this struggle? “Football is like this: it’s a mental issue, not a technical one. When we accelerated in the second half, there was no match. We hit the post three times, we were unlucky. At this moment, there’s not much to say: we can only say that we can’t have a first half like that. We should have played like in the second half for ninety minutes, and this season, we lacked that, especially in the second part. The fact that we couldn’t maintain the level for ninety minutes cost us some points.”


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