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Rabiot: ‘There is the possibility of leaving’


Juventus midfielder Adrien Rabiot is having a fine season with the Bianconeri this term but there is still a cloud surrounding his future, with the Frenchman’s contract due to expire this summer. Talking with Tuttosport at the French training camp in Clairefontaine, Rabiot answered questions about his future and how he can improve as a midfielder, among other things.

How do you see your future and when will you plan to talk about it?

“For the moment there’s no news, but we’ll certainly talk soon, because in about two months the season will be over and we’ll try to discuss it, but I’m calm. There is the possibility of leaving but also the possibility of signing another contract with Juve for all the reasons I explained earlier. I feel good in Turin, I do a good job at the club and there’s a good relationship with the directors, my team-mates and the coach. He also helped me in two years as well as giving me a lot of confidence. I believe that all of this is important to feel good and therefore make the right choice for my future.”

What do you want to improve on as a midfielder?

“Already in terms of numbers, the statistics show that I’m improving a lot. There are other aspects where I can do better, such as long shots. However, I have shown that I am a complete player, but I can certainly do even more and raise the level of what I already think I am doing well. When I succeed, then my plays will become even more decisive.”