Di Gregorio

Rampulla: “Bringing in Di Gregorio to replace Szczesny is the right choice”


Former Juventus goalkeeper Michelangelo Rampulla believes brining in Michele Di Gregorio to replace Wojciech Szczęsny is the right decision for Juventus. The Bianconeri have reportedly agreed a deal for the Monza keeper, with just the official announcement pending. Speaking with Gazzetta dello Sport, Rampulla discussed the many changes taking place at Juve this summer, sharing his thoughts on the potential goalkeeping shake-up:

Is the Giuntoli-Motta pair the right one?

“Time will tell, but all the prerequisites are there. Both have proven in recent years to be great personalities, performing their roles excellently. I’m convinced that at Juve they will know how to open a new cycle.”

Which areas does Juve need to intervene in the most?

“In my opinion, Juve needs a few midfielders and to develop the young players already in the squad, from Fagioli to Locatelli.”

And then in goal: what do you think about the Szczesny-Di Gregorio switch between the posts?

“Juve has thought about the future and has focused on one of the best goalkeepers in the national scene. Besides demonstrating reliability and personality, he has shown characteristics useful for Motta’s game, such as skill with his feet. I see him ready for a big team.”

Your personal advice to Di Gregorio, you know about young goalkeepers debuting at Juve

“I would tell him – he smiles amused – to continue doing what he’s done in the last two years. He’s a goalkeeper who has worked well, if he continues to do so calmly and peacefully, he will demonstrate his skills even with the Juve jersey.”

Among the various incoming names, from Douglas Luiz with whom an agreement has been reached to Koopmeiners, from Greenwood to Sancho to Khephren Thuram, who convinces you the most?

“If Juve is thinking about them, it’s because they are all great players capable of strengthening the team. I really like Koopmeiners: he has already demonstrated his qualities, he already knows Serie A, he’s the most ready to use.”

Then there are Rabiot, Chiesa and McKennie, in the balance for different reasons: who would it be better for Juve to keep and who not?

“We’re talking about great players. Juve will know how to evaluate them and decide what to do based on their motivation as well.”

Meanwhile, neither Chiesa nor Vlahovic are shining at the Euros…

“But we’re also at the end of the season, we need to take into account fatigue and mental exhaustion. For example, Chiesa did well in the first game and less well against Spain, we shouldn’t give judgments that are too positive or too negative. The competition goes on, they will have other opportunities to shine and it’s too early to make an assessment.”

Who will win in Germany? And how far can Italy go?

“Spain, Germany and England have shown to be a step above the others, but I’m not going out on a limb with predictions and I don’t rule out surprises. I have faith in Italy: even in moments of difficulty we have always brought out great character traits. And I won’t add anything else for superstition!”


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