Ranieri: “Stay at Cagliari as long as I want? Let’s enjoy being safe first’


Claudio Ranieri says he wants to enjoy salvation having secured Cagliari’s safety in Serie a for another season with a 2-0 win over Sassuolo. Speaking with Sky Sport Italia, Ranieri reflected on his teams win, a vital victory that keeps them in Serie A for another year:

“They quickly call you old and washed-up, but the latest salvation is always the sweetest. Thirty-three years ago, we won 2-1 right here in Emilia to save ourselves, so it seems this place brings us luck. Cagliari is my home, and we should enjoy this salvation. I said this before, and now I’m happy to celebrate in front of our fans.”

He reminisced about a pivotal moment from last season: “Last year in Bari, Gigi Riva called me, and I repeated the phrase he told me today before the match started. I have another year on my contract, so we’ll see. I told the boys they needed an electric shock; they trained well but didn’t perform in matches.”

Regarding his future with the club, Ranieri remained non-committal: “Stay as long as I want? For now, let’s enjoy the salvation. I have another year left on my contract. Before the match, I reminded the team that they had to fight not only for the fans on the sidelines but for the entire island.”


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