Roma, United, Napoli and Juventus all linked with Antonio Conte


Calciomercato suggest that Antonio Conte will return to coaching next season, with Manchester United, Roma, Napoli and Juventus all interested. The former Inter coach was fired from his role with Tottenham Hotspur earlier this year, and has been content to spend some time away from the game.

Calciomercato write that:

“Aurelio De Laurentiis tried a month ago to convince Conte to take over at Napoli, without, however, receiving anything other than a ‘no, thank you’ in response. It was Conte who declined the Napoli president’s proposals to become the new Azzurri coach. The great relationship between the two has not changed the mind of the Apulian coach, who for months now has decided not to return to the bench this season, unless there are sensational changes.

“The experience at Tottenham has marked him, Conte wants to take these months to rest and spend time with his family. Before starting again, more charged than ever, next season. From June, he will be able to put his hand to the construction of his next team.

“Many teams remain at the window, ready to start again next summer with a new coach on the bench and determined to bet on Conte’s qualities, given he has already shown in his career that he knows how to win and, above all, how to rebuild.

“Napoli themselves will, in all likelihood, change again at the end of the season after the months with Mazzarri and would gladly do so with Conte, as would Roma, who will have to deal with the post-Mourinho situation, or perhaps Juventus, who could part ways with Allegri. So many open scenarios in Serie A, not to mention those abroad, including Manchester United. Conte is waiting and everyone is waiting for him: to get off to a great start, we will have to be patient for a few more months.”


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