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Sarri: ‘Milan and Fiorentina were suited to me, I’m disappointed they didn’t reach out’


Former Lazio coach Maurizio Sarri expressed his disappointment at not being approached by Milan and Fiorentina for coaching roles. During an event in Figline Valdarno, he spoke to Sky Sport about the recent changes in Serie A, including Antonio Conte’s appointment at Napoli.

Discussing Conte’s new role, Sarri remarked, “Napoli will have to undergo a transformation in their playing style. The good thing is Conte is quick at instilling his mentality and way of playing. I don’t see them finishing outside the top three.”

Sarri then reflected on the coaching changes in Serie A, noting his surprise at not being considered: “This is something we need to question. I won’t hide my disappointment that some clubs didn’t reach out to me. There were situations where they could have at least listened to me for fifteen minutes. Milan and Fiorentina, in my opinion, were two clubs that would have suited me.”

Regarding his return to coaching, Sarri shared, “Hopefully as soon as possible. The first two months I dealt with family issues and didn’t miss football much. Now, the desire is growing, and I think in a month or two, I’ll be raring to go. At this stage of the market, it seems difficult to find a suitable position within Italy, and I struggle with the idea of moving abroad.”

Sarri also touched on his brief negotiations with Sevilla and his departure from Chelsea: “There was some negotiation, but their needs were different from mine, so it didn’t progress far. Leaving Chelsea? That was my biggest mistake.”


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