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Sarri: ‘We took risks in the last 20 minutes’


Lazio boss Maurizio Sarri believes their 4-2 win over Feyenoord was an ‘extraordinary game’ but  ‘We took took risks in the last 20 minutes.’ The Biancocelesti put on a sensational showing for the opening 60 minutes at the Stadio Olimpico but let the visitors back into the game in the closing half.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia after the game, Sarri highlighted the importance of staying focused for the entirety of the match

Games in Europe are always difficult and foreign clubs don’t give up when 4-0 down, so we shouldn’t have taken so many risks final 20 minutes the way we did.

“The first 60 minutes were very, very good, a top level performance, I’m disappointed we were messing around in the final 20 minutes, because in Europe that is an enormous risk.

We rested three players, others had some playing time, we’ll see then what needs changing for the next match.

We still have limitations in terms of mentality, as we showed great determination and the right approach only to then let our foot off the gas at the end and that is dangerous.

I feel that in Serie A we have not got the results we deserved, partly due to our own errors, partly just the way things happened.

Intensity in England and here? Looking at the figures, they are all largely very similar, the only difference you notice is the sprints going faster than 20km/h. They are more frequent in the Premier League, whereas in Serie A those sudden changes of pace are fairly rare.”


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