Serie A

Serie A CEO: ‘Serie A is the most exciting league in Europe’


Serie A CEO Luigi De Siervo believes the Italian top division is “the most exciting league  in Europe: in the other championships the same people always win.” Serie A has seen four different title winners in the last four seasons, while last season saw Italian teams reaching the Final of the Champions League, Europa League and Conference League.

Speaking at the ‘Calcio Social Responsibility – Mission 2030’ project in Milan, De Siervo spoke about what he considers to be the best league in all of Europe:

“Serie A is the most exciting championship in Europe. If you analyse the results on the pitch, look at the amount of goals, we are the most spectacular.”

“I believe that Serie A has decided to invest in transparency: we were the first to focus on VAR, on semi-automatic offside.

“We will now be broadcasting the VAR audio: there is no one who thinks they control the league. It’s a lively championship, to all intents and purposes the best: in the other championships the same people always win.”


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