Spalletti: ‘I’m here to play exciting football and heal wounds’


Luciano Spalletti spoke with Sky Sport Italia ahead of Italy’s match against Nort Macedonia, saying he wants to heal the wounds that Italian football has. The Azzurri famously failed to qualify for the 2022 World Cup after being eliminated by tonight’s opponents. Speaking with Sky, Spalletti explained that he wants to heal the wounds of the past, but also excite audiences with the football his team plays:

“We must succeed in getting all Italians excited, because we are the team, the group of all Italians. In addition to trying to get results, we have to create love through what we can develop on the pitch. For now we are the ones selected by the national team, myself included, then it will be what we manage and determine on the pitch that will say if we are Italy.

“Chiesa and Pellegrini injured? They are two important players, like others. Italy’s is a very important history, beautiful but with some injuries. And we must try to heal these wounds that Italian football has…”

“We’ll try to play the game, we’ll try to have an order within which we can exalt the flair and imagination of those players capable of seeing those passing lines that others don’t see. Obviously everything within a precise organisation. On the part of the lads there was total willingness, I was delighted to see them on the pitch this week and I’m confident ahead of the game ahead of us.

“I am happy, the president bought all the players I wanted…! I have chosen them and now I want the answer from those I have chosen, we will have to see an idea of football that makes all those people who care about the national team and our results fall in love. Which cannot all be beautiful.”

“The one with Italy is something that started when the president called me for the first time and I can’t tear myself away. I’m excited, tomorrow the emotion when I hear the anthem will be there, without a doubt. Tomorrow above all else there is an attitude. We must never feel like victims and we must go after what we have been talking about all week, then hopefully the result will be a consequence.”


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