Spalletti: “My Azzurri squad selection is 80% complete”


Italy coach Luciano Spalletti confirmed that he has chosen most of his squad for the upcoming EURO 2024 finals. Speaking at the ‘Vivo Azzurro TV’, the new  channel of the FIGC, Spalletti addressed the media ahead of his official callups for the Azzurri squad:

“We have followed the entire championship and have seen many players even in person. We have learned many things from my colleagues. These teams that are in the finals of European competitions bring something more, and then they mean that there is something different beyond counterattacks in the Italian football style, as Atalanta and Fiorentina have shown.”

Then, the Azzurri coach spoke about the Euro squad selections, focusing on Scamacca and the other forwards: “Everything decided at 80%? I’m not good at math. By now, roughly, the structure is what we have almost always called up. Then there is something that we must leave to skill, to the current condition, to having adjusted something. If Scamacca is like this, it becomes difficult… I made him play in the crucial matches before being called up. What am I told now… Retegui did well, I know Raspadori very well. Lucca is always growing. We have some potential that can fix something, we must be careful about everything.”

Then, he continued: “The doubts are those that we have said up to this point here. It concerns that small percentage. We must have doubts all the way. In some cases, we have sent very clear messages about what these boys can provide, in others… some still need to handle the pressure they face and the individual problems they have. There is an internal and an external environment in football, to give our best, both are needed. Beyond that, a strong team is born where one possibly goes in interviews and also talks about teammates. It would be nice to hear words about teammates. That way, everything becomes easier and clearer.”

Finally, Spalletti concluded by explaining that he does not want to use a single formation: “Three at the back? We must be open to everything. We must play free football. I have never had my own football, and I don’t want it now either. We go to play trying to put together a team that has its strength but is also free. If in this freedom we manage to be a team… to share the efforts, everyone attacks and everyone defends, everyone a bit like a number ten. Everyone has two numbers on their shirt because everyone must be able to make the unexpected play that excites.”


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