Spalletti: “The responsibility for the elimination is mine”


Italy’s Euro 2024 campaign came to a disappointing end as they suffered a 2-0 defeat against Switzerland in the round of 16. Following the match, Italy’s head coach Luciano Spalletti shared his thoughts on the team’s performance and elimination:

“The spark never ignited. The goal at the start of the second half cut our legs a bit, and even though we were in their half, we lacked incisiveness. What made the difference was the rhythm; we had a much lower tempo than theirs in the first half. Even in individual situations, there was a different pace.”

The coach highlighted the importance of rhythm and freshness in the game. He explained his strategy of rotating players to maintain energy levels but admitted that various factors hindered their ability to perform at their best.

Reflecting on the final minutes of the match, Spalletti linked it back to the game’s start: “We were below par in terms of rhythm. We struggled against some individuals with different leg strength and speed. When the rhythm is like this, it becomes difficult to discuss other aspects.”

Spalletti acknowledged the disappointment of the elimination, stating, “It’s difficult to talk about formations when you’re performing at such a low level. This elimination gives us indications. We need more leg strength and more speed. For me, it’s an experience where we could have done more.”

Looking to the future of the national team, the Italian coach emphasized the long road ahead: “The path is very long. This is a discussion that will happen gradually, but it’s clear that we need more rhythm, more leg strength. Beyond quality, we need more continuity and sacrifice. At various moments, we weren’t consistent in closing down spaces, regrouping, and pressing.”

Spalletti concluded by noting that some issues stemmed from how the players finished their domestic seasons, suggesting that the team might not have been in optimal condition for the tournament.


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