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Szczesny Speaks Out: “Milik’s Red Card Justified, Similar to Berardi and Malinovskyi Incidents”


In the aftermath of Juventus’ 1-1 draw against Empoli at the Allianz Stadium,  Wojciech Szczesny shared his thoughts on the match. The conversation naturally revolved around the red card received by Arkadiusz Milik, who was expelled after an on-field review by the referee due to a harsh challenge on Alberto Cerri.

While accepting Milik’s expulsion, Szczesny took a moment to express his views on incidents involving other players in the league. Specifically, he highlighted instances where red cards were not shown, despite controversial tackles.

Szczesny’s Comments: “On Milik’s red card, there are no doubts, it’s an expulsion. It’s the same dynamics as the fouls by Berardi against Sassuolo and Malinovskyi against Genoa: all three red cards were rightly given.”

The incidents mentioned by Szczesny refer to the matches where similar challenges did not result in red cards. One incident involved Berardi’s tackle during the Sassuolo-Juventus match, where he escaped expulsion for a dangerous challenge on Bremer. Another was from the closing stages of the Genoa-Juve game, where Malinovskyi was not sent off despite a robust tackle on Yildiz.

Looking Ahead: Despite the disappointment of a draw against Empoli, Szczesny emphasized the positive aspect of securing a point with ten men on the field. He stated, “There’s a bit of bitterness because at home against Empoli… last year, we would lose these matches, this time we rallied and brought home a positive point.”

“We go to Milan to achieve this dream of ours, to win the match and be at the top of the league,” says Tek. “It won’t be easy; Inter is really strong this year, but we are there, and we want to fight. A message to the fans? No, we speak on the field.”

Vlahovic: “In terms of mentality, little or nothing has changed; always on the field with a lot of determination, be it in a match or during training, always aiming to score, always aiming to win. But now, he is in good physical condition, and when he is fit, he is unstoppable, one of the strongest attackers in Europe.

About Yildiz: “He has the qualities to be strong, but he needs to stay grounded. The road is still long. Already last year, you could see plays indicating the potential of a top-class player, but he has to put in a lot of work and commitment to become a champion.”


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