Szczesny: ‘We made the right choice’


Juventus goalkeeper Wojciech Szczesny believes he and his Polish international teammates have ‘made the right choice’ to not play a World Cup qualifier against Russia. Szczesny shared an emotional Instagram post confirming his decision and was asked about his choice after Juve’s 3-2 win over Empoli when speaking to DAZN:

“I decided not to participate in the play-off and I am happy that my teammates came to the same decision.

“If we are given a defeat by default, we will at least know that we made the right choice. We did what we had to do.

“My family is far from Ukraine right now, but there are still people who are hidden there and trying to escape. It’s a horrible situation.

“I am not angry with all Russians, I know the majority of the people are against the war, but the Government made this decision. Social media isn’t just to celebrate a victory at football, but to say how things really are.

“I hope that all the national teams follow our lead and refuse to play against Russia. We’ll see if FIFA have the balls to give them the World Cup spot instead.”


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