Tacchinardi: “Juve should restart with Chiesa and five others – Thiago Motta could kickstart a new cycle”


Former Juventus midfielder Alessio Tacchinardi believes the club should part ways with Max Allegri and start a new cycle under Thiago Motta. Speaking with  TuttoJuve, Tacchinardi shared his thoughts on the Bianconeri’s current poor run of form, beginning with their upcoming Coppa Italia semi-final against Lazio:

What should we expect tonight?

“We should expect a Juventus side with fire in their eyes; the objective is to salvage the season. It’s a crucial fixture following the result of the first leg. Lazio will be more dynamic and intense compared to previous matches, and Tudor’s work is starting to show. We must be cautious; conceding early can change the dynamics. We need to avoid repeating the first half against Cagliari. The fans deserve respect; these players must show character because they haven’t been doing so recently.”

Rumors linked you as a potential assistant to Tudor last month. Truth or lies?

“I spoke with Igor this summer, but he preferred other options. I admire his work and his football philosophy; there could have been a chance, but he chose Javorcic, who is very good. There’s no issue.”

Is this the best game to prepare Allegri for?

“The characteristics suggest so; Juventus tends to play defensively and on the counter. But we must be wary; conceding in such an environment can change everything. I would like to see Juventus dictate play on the field. Unfortunately, we’ve become accustomed to seeing them sit back and counter most of the time. Personally, I don’t like it, and the players need to understand that reaching the final is a must.”

Do you feel the team, which has amassed 12 points in the last 12 games, has switched off?

“Locatelli mentioned that everything changed after the defeat to Inter, but I don’t buy these excuses. They need to take responsibility; there’s a mentality the team needs to adopt. Unfortunately, I think we’ve lost a bit of that backbone with leaders like Buffon and Chiellini.”

Could this be Federico Chiesa’s game?

“I hope so, provided he’s in the right conditions to showcase his abilities. I’m a big fan of his, but we need to judge him based on his performance. I believe there’s another player better suited to leading the attack. The same goes for Vlahovic; I’d like to see him play in his natural position rather than being adapted. He’s one of the few all-round players at Juventus.”

Who embodies the spirit of Juventus today?

“I don’t see clear leaders; everyone seems to be looking for someone. From what I see on the field, Vlahovic stands out in terms of gameplay and his attempts to motivate his teammates. Danilo is a silent leader, but I don’t see Chiesa as one; my sense is that he doesn’t feel central to the project. He needs to be the technical leader of the team next year, and we need a couple more in midfield.”

Two midfielders, Rabiot and McKennie, might leave. Your thoughts?

“They can fit well in a team with strong leaders. Personally, I wouldn’t let go of Rabiot and McKennie from the current squad; they fight for every ball. The younger players haven’t developed leadership yet; they’re struggling, so more needs to be done. I would rebuild around Chiesa, Vlahovic, Rabiot, McKennie, Danilo, and Cambiaso, then bring in some tough players. Giuntoli’s intentions need to be understood; personally, I would bring back Huijsen, Soulé, and Barrenechea to create a blend of youth and experience, like in Lippi’s first Juventus.”

Do you think the Coppa Italia could be Allegri’s last trophy with Juventus?

“Yes, it could be. Regardless, whether it is or isn’t, he deserves praise for everything he’s done. It feels like it’s time for something different, considering the product Juventus has been over the last two years. Allegri deserves immense respect; he deserves to lead Juventus to victory. He’s a great coach who knows how to win. Last year, he fought against everything and everyone; it wasn’t easy to manage the off-field issues. He deserves enormous thanks for proving himself worthy of Juventus, but I think it’s time to bid farewell and embrace change.”

There are talks of Gudmundsson for the new Juventus. Thoughts?

“I would definitely add Koopmeiners, who, in my opinion, is better than Samardzic, Calafiori, and bring back Huijsen and Soulé, who have great potential. Juventus needs to be hungry again, with a two-year plan, willing to interpret matches with courage. People need a refresh and the enthusiasm we had in the first half of the season. The fanbase has changed; if you lose but still give your all, you’re applauded. It’s not a criticism; it’s praise for understanding the team’s situation. The important thing is to have a clear project in place. Thiago Motta? Interesting profile; he always tries to play. He’s doing something remarkable with a decent team; he’s the right man to kickstart a cycle. To those who doubt him, I remind them that even Lippi came from small clubs.”


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