Tevez: ‘Arriving at Juventus was a breath of fresh air’


Former Juventus striker Carlos Tevez called his time with the Bianconeri ‘like a breath of fresh air’ while wearing Del Piero’s jersey was ‘incredible’. The Argentine forward left the club after just two seasons but made a telling impact in his brief time in Turin. Speaking on a video shared by the Juventus social media account, Tevez said of the time:

 “Arriving at Juventus was like a breath of fresh air. From the beginning it was incredible, because coming to Juventus and wearing Del Piero’s jersey is incredible. It was a great moment for me, and when I made the decision to go back to Argentina, Vanessa, my wife, wanted to kill me. Everything in Italy was very easy. Italians are like us. Very attached to family. A small part of my heart is in Italy, forever. In every game, every time I wore the Juventus jersey, I left part of my heart on the field. I think this is what the fans always felt from me until I left. I played my last UEFA Champions League game and the next day I went back to Argentina.”


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