Inter v Milan

The Enduring Peace Pact Between Inter and AC Milan Fans


As we know, Inter Milan declared the championship after beating their arch-rival AC Milan 2-1 away in the Italian Serie A, with five weeks remaining. Celebrating their 20th championship, Inter received their second star by the Italian league rules and surpassed Milan in the number of championships. Before this season, both teams had 19 championships.

But beyond the on-field bragging rights and championship glory, there is another story that defines the Milan derby. It is a tale of remarkable civility amidst the usual fervour of fan culture. We are talking about the unique peace pact between Inter Milan and AC Milan supporters, a decades-long commitment to peace in the stands.

The pact of non-belligerence

This intense rivalry has not always been so peaceful. A tragic event in 1981 served as a stark wake-up call. Following a clash between supporters during a “Mundialito Clubs” tournament featuring both Milan clubs, a young Inter fan named Vittore Palmieri lost his life. He was only 21 years old.

“No more clashes between us, otherwise we will die. Again.”

This heartbreaking incident forced both sides to confront the harsh realities of fan violence. Determined to prevent such a tragedy from ever happening again, leaders of the Inter and AC Milan ultras, the most fervent supporters, came together and forged a historic peace pact: “No more clashes between us, otherwise we will die. Again.” This “pact of non-belligerence” between Milanese clubs essentially promised to keep the rivalry confined to the pitch, eliminating violence from the equation.

That peace pact was not just a piece of paper. It represented a genuine shift in fan culture. While passionate tifo (organized fan displays) and fierce chants remain staples of the derby experience, the threat of physical violence has been virtually eradicated. This remarkable achievement stands as a testament to the power of collective action and a shared desire to prioritize safety and sportsmanship over mindless hostility. It is a powerful reminder that even the most heated rivalries can find common ground, fostering a more positive and inclusive environment for all fans to enjoy the beautiful game.

Sportsmanship Triumphs in the Milan Derby

Inter’s Scudetto celebrations sparked a fiery atmosphere at the San Siro but forget pre- and post-game brawls. The ultras’ pact holds strong. Decades of fierce competition remain on the pitch, with bragging rights the only battle cry. This unique truce between these passionate opponents is a rare win for sportsmanship.