Thiago Motta: “This marks the end of a beautiful cycle”


Thiago Motta bid farewell to Bologna following their 2-0 defeat to Genoa, but remained tight-lipped about his future. The 41-year-old has been tipped to take over the Juventus job this summer, but speaking to Sky Sport Italia after last nights match, Motta insisted he is just thinking about seeing his family after a busy and successful season:

“This marks the end of a beautiful cycle. The feelings and emotions we’ve experienced together, not forgetting last season where we had an excellent campaign. We must remember every player who started from last year and those who joined us this season, there have been many. I can only publicly thank the fans for all their support, both at home and away. This group has made history for this club, and we need to thank everyone in this city for their welcome from day one to the last. I believe that together with our staff, we did an important job with maximum commitment and respect. Every day, we gave everything we had to take Bologna as high as possible. These players, the true protagonists of this game, have done truly extraordinary things.”

What Does Thiago Motta Leave Behind in Bologna?

“I leave behind love, my passion, ambition, but above all, great respect for these two seasons and for these players whom I had the privilege to coach. We shared many things together. As I always say, I care about each one of them, I respect them. I have reached a point where I understand and respect each of them and care for them equally. This is what I leave in Bologna, always wishing the best for this team and these players because they deserve it, for everything they have done and can do. Not just in terms of results, but in how they have committed themselves from the first to the last day. I truly thank them.”

What Does Motta Take Away from Bologna?

“My players. From today on, I am no longer their coach, but a father, a friend, an older brother. They know they can count on me at any time. Just as it was with PSG’s Under-19s, with Spezia, and here with Bologna. We have always treated each other with respect and mutual esteem. I gave everything to these players, and they gave everything to me, which is why it worked and we achieved our results. But the way we achieved them is the most important thing.”

Finally, Motta commented on the friendship and respect that developed between the team and the coach: “I treat them as I would want my own children to be treated. Choosing just one of them is impossible. I think each of them has made their own path, always respecting the collective. Those who have moved on have continued their careers, each doing their best. I think I have helped in some way, but they have helped me immensely.”

“I can’t separate my head and heart in my decisions. I am a person of feelings and emotions. My players are like children to me. We do this sport to give people happiness. Juventus ? Right now I want to rest and be with my family.”



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