Thiago Motta

Thiago Motta to Juventus: New Speculations and Growing Confirmations


News reports from Italy continue to speculate that Thiago Motta could be the next coach of Juventus, potentially replacing Massimiliano Allegri. Renowned journalist Fabrizio Romano has shed light on the matter, stating that internal discussions within the Turin-based club regarding the future coach are ongoing, with Motta emerging as one of the primary options under consideration.

“There are also rumors circulating that Thiago Motta could be a candidate to replace Massimiliano Allegri at Juventus,” revealed the journalist. He added, “I understand that Juventus is internally discussing the future coach, and I’m told that Motta has excellent chances of staying in Serie A rather than going abroad, having been touted as an option for Barcelona and PSG as well – I’ve already reported that he’s on Barcelona’s list, but I have no information regarding PSG either.”

Romano emphasized that Motta stands a significant chance of remaining in Serie A instead of seeking experiences abroad, despite being linked to prestigious clubs like Barcelona and PSG. The Italo-Brazilian coach has been mentioned as an option for Barcelona, yet Romano admitted to lacking clear information regarding any potential interest from PSG.

Motta’s career has been shaped both as a player and a coach at two of Europe’s most prestigious clubs: Barcelona and PSG. During his playing career, Motta donned the jerseys of both teams, experiencing high-level football and learning from some of the game’s brightest minds.


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