Timothy Weah: ‘Turin is a beautiful place’


Timothy Weah shared his thoughts on Italy and his move to Juventus this summer, calling Turin a ‘beautiful’ place. The USMNT youngster opted to join the Bianconeri, despite having interest from Bayer Leverkusen and Atletico Madrid,  and speaking with DAZN in a join interview with Weston McKennie, he revealed how he is settling in to life in Italy with his new team:

“Turin is beautiful. Although we often stay at home in our spare time, I have to tell you. I follow American football like many Americans, I like the NY Giants and the Knicks (of the NBA, ed.)’.

What’s it like growing up in New York?

“Cool. Different, there’s a little bit of everything. It’s a melting pot: we have Italians, Puerto Ricans, Jamaicans and so on…’.

What is the relationship with his father like?

‘In the US I could only say “professional athlete”. Otherwise I would have had to explain what everything was, starting with football. I knew that he had played for teams like AC Milan. We are proud of him and what he did, as a son following in his footsteps is a source of pride. I’m doing it step by step. My father was a normal parent. Before we moved to New York we lived in Florida, he took me to training sessions…. The normal life of a kid. Then my mum was always there.

What posters did you have in your room?

‘I didn’t have any, it was full of games and video games. Idol? Carmelo Anthony (former basketball player, ed.)’.

You also played with Buffon, in Paris.

‘Incredible, he played against my father…’.

Has it helped you to be able to do many things on the field?

“I have always been athletic, it has never been a problem to learn new things in sports. It’s the same in football: I can also change positions, it’s always fun for me. I just became a fifth after being a winger for years and sometimes a striker. It enriches.

How are you settling in on the pitch?

“I’m settling in. What does Allegri ask? To defend (laughs, ed). I understand Italian very well, I’m learning fast and I didn’t expect it. Once something gets into my head, then it stays there.”

Do you watch the MLS?

“I have to be honest, lately I follow something. Not everything, I mostly watch my friends. It’s a growing sport in the US though, and we’ll have World Cup and America’s Cup…. Ready? Obviously. And I warn you: we are dangerous at home’.

When did you and McKennie meet?

“Probably in 2017 but I knew who he was because he was older. I admired him and Christian (Pulisic, ed)…. And he’s still the same: funny, full of energy…. The life of the party!”

What music does he listen to?

“I like R’n’B and old school in general. But I don’t listen to country like he does. I like writing a lot, sometimes at home in the evenings I do it and talk to a producer friend of mine. I’d like to become a writer, maybe even while I’m playing. We have some free time.”


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