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Tonali: ‘Gattuso has given me lots of advice’


Milan midfielder Sandro Tonali revealed his close relationship with Rossoneri legend Rino Gattuso: ‘He’s given me lots of advice that will make a difference in the future.’ The 22-year-old is preparing for the second-leg of Milan’s last 16 Champions League match with Tottenham and spoke with the official UEFA magazine about his arrival at the club, the important role of his family and what he’s learned from Gattuso:

“What impact has Gattuso had on my career? We’ve seen each other a few times but on each occasion he’s explained many things to me, about himself, about football, he’s also given me lots of advice that will make a difference in the future.

“We have a good relationship, almost a friendship because it’s not a normal relationship. He scolds me even when he has to, he can be tough because he wants the best from everyone, we all know how he is. If he has a goal, he wants to achieve it at any cost, giving everything he can, finding any way. He is a special person, a good person, a pure person, he helps you in a thousand different ways.

“The Champions League? When Milan played in the Champions League they were an incredible team. Milan was a great team and they showed it in Italy and in Europe. It was really something special. I especially remember the emotions of the Champions League won in 2007.

“Playing in the Champions League is a great emotion. Milan haven’t played the Champions League for too many years, it’s really nice to go back to playing matches as well as knockout matches.

“Joining Milan? It was strange, for a moment I went from being a fan to playing for Milan. The first year wasn’t easy, but there was a need to divide the two things, i.e. being a fan and being a player.

“I am very close to my family because they have given so much for me. I have a unique relationship with my grandmother, you never miss a game. I am very pleased. Knowing that I always have my family by my side is important.”


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