Tuttosport journalist: “Allegri is very sorry for how it ended with Juventus”


Tuttosport journalist Guido Vaciago confirmed that former Juventus manager Max Allegri is “sorry” for how things ended between them. Allegri was dismissed by the club on Friday for hat the club called “certain behaviors exhibited during and after the Coppa Italia final that the club deemed incompatible with the values of Juventus and the conduct expected of its representatives.”

It was previously revealed that Allegri had an altercation with Vaciago and threatened to ‘rip his ears off’ for allegedly publishing stories that were fed to him by the club.  The pair later made up and were pictured at the Tuttosport offices having made up.

Speaking to news show Tutti Convocati, Vaciago explained that:

“Allegri is very regretful about how things ended with Juventus. He imagined being at the Juve v Monza with the cup in hand, the lap of honour, and the fans’ farewell—the best way to close it out.

“He is aware that he denied himself this because of a foolish mistake, and it is something that troubles him.”

Juventus have appointed U19 coach Paolo Montero to oversee the final two games of the season, with Thiago Motta widely expected to take over the Juve bench next season.


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