Vlahovic: “I can’t wait to return, I’ll discuss the future with Juventus”


Serbian striker Dusan Vlahovic spoke about his performance against England and his future with Juventus, saying he can’t wait to work with Thiago Motta. Speaking to Rai after his national team’s 1-0 defeat against England in their Euro 2024 opener in Germany, he addressed his future at Juventus, where the club is pursuing several targets, including Zirkzee, and his contract situation, which Giuntoli has been trying to renegotiate.

Vlahovic’s current contract, which expires on June 30, 2026, will see his salary reach €12 million net per season, a figure that is unsustainable for Juventus. The club is attempting to negotiate a lower wage spread over more years. However, the player has so far been reluctant to accept a reduction, although he has reiterated his willingness to negotiate through the media.

“My attempt on goal? It was a difficult shot, and the goalkeeper was well-positioned. From that situation, I did my best. However, I’m not very satisfied with the first half; I could have done much better. I played in a position that is not mine, which made it very difficult for me. But the coach decided that way, and I’m here, always at the team’s disposal. Whatever they ask of me, I’ll do it because it’s a pleasure to represent my country.”

“Thiago Motta as the new Juventus coach? Yes, but right now, I’m only thinking about the national team. I hope to stay in Germany for as long as possible because this team, this group, deserves it. Then we’ll talk about other things later. I can’t wait to return to Turin and be at the club’s disposal. As for everything else, I’ll discuss it with the club.”


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