Weah: ‘I wouldn’t trade Vlahovic for Osimhen’


New Juventus winger Timothy Weah says he wouldn’t trade Dusan Vlahovic for former teammate Victor Osimhen: ‘Dusan is the perfect player for this team.’ Weah arrived in Turin this summer and has featured in all of the Bianconeri’s game so far this season. Speaking at an event as testimonial for New Balance, he talked about his role in the Bianconeri squad, his first impressions on the team and coach Max Allegri:

“Being Juve’s only purchase? I’m really happy about it, honestly! It means that the club really believed in my qualities. The title? I live football believing in it 100%, of course. We’ll all give it our all to succeed, but the important thing is to stay focused on one step at a time.”

“As a child I had two dreams: to play in the World Cup, an emotion I have already experienced, and to become a great footballer. Joining Juventus makes me aware that I have also achieved this goal”.

“Giving a Juve shirt to my dad (Former Milan player and current Liberian president George Weah –  Ed.)? I had already done it during the American tour, actually. I kept the first one I wore in the summer and I keep it at home: mum will bring it to him as soon as she goes to visit him in Liberia. Any advice? He just urged me to stay calm and enjoy myself on the pitch. His goal against Verona, with a run from one side of the pitch to the other, I’ll have seen it a million times: who knows, maybe in Empoli I’ll score a goal like that too!”.

“Allegri? He’s a punctilious coach, who pays a lot of attention to detail. Just what I need in order to grow further and to always be motivated. And it’s funny when he tries to speak in English, although it’s funnier when he jokes in Italian.

“The language? I’m studying it every day, because it’s important for communicating with teammates. Within six months at most, I am confident that I will be completely comfortable with the language too’.

“Who do I take inspiration from? Definitely Danilo: he’s our captain and the teammate I follow most on the pitch. But Vlahovic is also an important role model.

“He’s a huge striker, because he scores a lot and knows how to do everything else well too. And I really enjoy interacting with him on the pitch. Would I trade him for Osimhen? Never. They are two extraordinary players, but Vlahovic is the perfect player for this team.

“Chiesa is the best: he and Vlahovic are among the best in the world and I see them extremely determined to pull  us to victory. What a pride it is to play with champions like them and like Pogba: the Frenchman is an example and a true leader. It’s not easy to recover from a knee injury like his: sometimes he looks like he’s moving in ‘slow motion’, he’s so elegant, but he’s impressive for his technique and also for his speed.

“The most likable? McKennie no, I’ve put up with him for ten years now. There are so many funny ones. But maybe, yes, it’s Weston! He and Kean often take me out to discover the city and new restaurants”.

“I really like the fact that there are so many compatriots in Italy. And with the two Rossoneri players we’ll have something to talk about in the upcoming national team training camp…’.

“Personal objectives? I just want to work hard, to adapt immediately to Italian football and find the best possible understanding with my teammates.”


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