Weah: ‘I’m more comfortable as a winger’


New Juventus signing Timothy Weah explained why teammate Manuel Locatelli reminds him a little of Andrea Pirlo. The US international was speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport and revealed that his new squad have helped him to settle, and why the goal against Real Madrid, albeit in a friendly, was important to him:


Zero goals in the last season with Lille, however it took you only two games with Juventus to unlock himself, albeit in a friendly: happy?

“I’m very happy, it’s a beautiful win to start the season. And then against Real… I couldn’t have been in a better place with a better team, so I’m just honoured and I feel blessed to be here.”

The whole team has grown in intensity in the last match compared to the first against Milan: are your teammates adapting to your frenetic pace?

“We were more intense despite it being a very difficult match: it was the last match of the American tour, our legs are heavy and everyone was tired. But we put in an excellent performance: after beating Real Madrid, you can only aspire to the maximum. I think the boys are happy and so am I.”

What did your father tell you after your debut with Juventus, among other things, against  Milan?

“Before the match he was quite nervous, like the whole family after all, above all because it was against his former team. But then I played well and it was magnificent. When I heard from him, he was very happy for me and I was the same “.

Let’s talk about your role: you were born as a striker but in Lille you turned into a winger and Allegri is employing you in that position. Do you like to play full range?

“I have no preferences, I do what the coach tells me. I’m here to help the team, currently my position is as a winger and I’m starting to feel comfortable in this role. I’m also learning how the team moves. Thanks to the help of my teammates and I’m happy like this right now. Due to my characteristics I know I’m capable of covering various positions, so I’m ready to do anything the coach may need.”

We have seen the coach give you various advice in training, especially with regard to the defensive aspect: does it take more effort to defend than to attack?

“Defending isn’t a problem for me, even though I know I still have a lot to learn. It’s not difficult to do what the coach asks of me, but there are some situations that I still have to assimilate. I’m open to anything and I really want to improve, that’s why I really like being at Juventus: Allegri, the staff and team-mates are incredible and are helping me a lot. Let’s hope the season is good, it started well and I’m happy.”

At Juve you found McKennie, your national team mate. Do you hope to continue playing with him?

“I’m very happy with the assist he gave me against Real Madrid and I’m even happier to have the opportunity to play with Wes in such an important club. It’s a dream for an American boy to be in his condition and with his performance against the Spanish side, he proved to me that he is one of the strongest midfielders in the world.”

Aside from McKennie, who you already knew, who impressed you the most than your new teammates?

“Locatelli: Manu has a fantastic foot, his ability to make passes excites me a lot because I like running but also talking to my teammates and participating a lot in the action. With his quality he reminds me a bit of Pirlo. Yes, he is a little Pirlo and it is very nice to see him play, I think he will become a football legend”.

Locatelli said of you that you go so fast…

“It’s true, against Real I ran a little less, but in general I am fast…”


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