Zaccagni: ‘I want to extend my Lazio deal’


Lazio winger Mattia Zaccagni has suggested his intention is to extend his contract with the Biancolesti, but is waiting for talks with the club. Talking with Corriere della Sera, the former Hellas man said:

“At 28 years old, I can’t let myself be destabilized by what others say. My agent shared his thoughts, but I think he was misinterpreted. I want to prolong my deal (with Lazio), and president Claudio Lotito knows this. There haven’t been many contacts lately, but that’s how he works. He files the topic away and then resumes handling it. He has his own timetable. I think it’s fair to take care of Felipe Anderson first since his expiration date is in a few months, while mine is in 2025.”

“Saudi Arabia? They offer to increase your salary tenfold. You can’t judge until you get a proposal of that kind. My wages have been gradual. I’ve played in Serie C, B, and finally A. My growth has been manageable, while others go from 0 to 100. The clubs should hire a tutor to help players give money the right meaning.”

“The future? I’d like to win a trophy with Lazio. We’re bouncing back after a negative start, but we’re strong. Our attacking slump is just momentary. I hope to contribute more after my injury, which is not serious.”


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