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Zanetti: ‘I hope what happened with the Curva Nord never happens again’


Inter vice-president Javier Zanetti spoke about recent events at the San Siro that saw clashes between ultra groups and match-going supporters. The death of ultra leader Vittorio Boiocchi prompted an enforced walk out of the Curva Nord where various groups removed banners and ordered ordinary fans to leave the section at the San Siro.

The incident was recounted by a number of supporters with reports of violence, intimidation and threats made. Speaking to Il Giorno, Zanetti condemned the incident and hoped it wouldn’t be repeated:

I hope that what happened in San Siro, with the Curva Nord emptying, never happens again. This year we have recorded many sold outs: a record in the club’s history. People have to go back to the stadium”.

There is a risk now that families of fans will decide to leave the stadium and stay at home?

“I don’t think people want to run away now, the fan’s impulse is stronger than what happened. But the values of sport must be respected “.

Ultras are not normal fans: Do they have too much power in curva?

“I don’t want to split the fans… I speak of everyone. I don’t like things like the other night. We will always work to fill the stadium.”

Speaking of the San Siro, Inter and Milan want to demolish and rebuild the Meazza. Why is a new facility so important?

“I’m sorry to lose San Siro: there is a romantic vision, but it is time for great innovation. We need to improve the structure to offer the fans a state-of-the-art stadium and an experience that goes beyond the game.”

Vice President of Inter, entrepreneur, a man engaged in social work…

“I have been here for 27 years and when I travel abroad I miss Italy. I’ve always felt at home in Milan. I am the father of three Italian children .”

In your experience as a manager did you inherit something from Massimo Moratti?

“Certainly the sense of belonging. Moratti and his father are Inter. We often feel, it will always be important for this club. I try to continue transmitting the true values of Inter as he did.”

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About values and connection: did you explain to Skriniar that he can be the “future captain”?

“I often talk to kids and Skriniar has a very important profile for how he approaches work culture. In the past I was like this: talking little, showing a lot. I hope he stays with us for a long time. When I arrived in Milan, Inter was the best for me, and I made my whole career here. Many of my teammates then decided to change teams: over time they confessed to me that it was a big mistake to leave Inter…”.

Do you believe you made mistakes as an executive?

“The good manager is the one who makes the least mistakes possible. Even as a footballer, the mistakes were used to improve “.

Sunday is the derby of Italy. Given the quiet week, it would be said that Juventus-Inter are no longer as heated as in the past…

“These are different eras, but the rivalry is always there and beyond the rankings I don’t see a favorite. This challenge comes at the right time: we cannot afford missteps. “.

Inzaghi is an excellent coach. We experienced difficult moments, but Simone took the right path, showing that he can manage the pressure. If things go wrong, the problem lies with all of Inter, the boys reacted as they should.”

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What is Juventus-Inter for you?

“I think of the Super Cup victory in 2005 with Veron’s goal. It was the beginning of a winning thread. ”

Some say that Inter have returned to winning thanks to the Juventus architects Conte and Marotta…

“Inter returned to winning because Inter did what Inter do. Antonio has proven himself to be a great professional, Marotta is an executive whose value we know well. I add one thing: this year they told us to sack Inzaghi  after the loss with Roma, the kind of thing that makes you pull your hair out… We must reason in a quiet way: we won first with Conte, then other trophies with Inzaghi arrived. Inter have been a protagonist for 4 years “.

VAR: In you years as a player, would it have changed the history of Italian football?

“I do not know… In the past there have been many questionable episodes, it’s true, but it’s part of the game. ”

But Juventus was truly the strongest team?

“I always said to Moratti that continuing to work as we were doing, our time would come. Time has proved me right.”

Did you also said the same things to Steven Zhang?

“Yes. The victories come with work, culture and programming. In football it takes time.”


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