Zazzaroni: “Allegri and this Juve are Incompatible. Max knew It, but he tried”


Ivan Zazzaroni, the director of Corriere dello Sport, provided a candid commentary on the dismissal of Massimiliano Allegri from Juventus. In his piece titled “The Bolt and the Screwdriver,” Zazzaroni reflected on the underlying issues that led to Allegri’s departure:

“The harsh truth is captured in a single word from the statement: incompatibility. From the very beginning, eighteen months ago, Max realized he had little in common with this Juventus. Despite this, stubborn and naive—yes, naive—as he is, he tried to adapt to something and someone that likely rejected him, having different ideas, objectives, history, and methods.”

Reasons for the Departure

In the letter given to Allegri, five reasons were cited for his early departure, ten days ahead of schedule. Zazzaroni details these reasons, though he considers some of them minor:

1. Behavior Towards the Fourth Official: Allegri’s conduct towards the fourth official, although deemed irrelevant by Zazzaroni, is a common issue in football worldwide, often involving unbecoming language and behavior.

2. Destruction of Photographic Material: The incident involving the destruction of LaPresse’s photographic material could have been resolved with compensation, which the agency did not demand.

3. Conflicts with Director Giuntoli: The misunderstandings with Sporting Director Cristiano Giuntoli had been apparent for months. A heated exchange on Wednesday night was the tipping point.

4. Frosty Relationship with Club Executives: Allegri’s cold interactions with President Andrea Agnelli and CEO Maurizio Scanavino were problematic. According to Zazzaroni, Allegri is notoriously unapproachable immediately after matches, releasing his tension in a way that is instinctual and often abrasive.

By suspending Allegri, Juventus aimed to protect its image and interests. Zazzaroni notes that financial considerations were likely not the primary concern for the club’s leadership: “Knowing one of the top executives, I don’t think money is the issue. Football is a world of deception and unpleasantness, with a language and ways that are hard for outsiders to tolerate.”

Zazzaroni concludes that Allegri’s fundamental incompatibility with the current vision and methods of Juventus ultimately led to his downfall. Despite his efforts to conform, the divergence in philosophies and objectives between Allegri and the club was too significant to overcome.


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