Zhang: “No Issues with renewals. A Chinese player at Inter? Not now, but…”


Inter’s president Steven Zhang spoke about the immediate future of the club, including the plans for a new stadium and contract renewals. The Nerazzurri boss chatted to Chinese journalist Liu Teng on TikTok (via Gazzetta dello Sport) on a range of topics, including the potential for a new stadium for the club and the recent success of winning a 20th Serie A title:

 “There shouldn’t be any problems on contract renewals,” he said. “It won’t be immediate but will require a process.” Regarding the new stadium, he admitted there’s no news: “In Italy, the issue is complicated; it might be a lengthy matter.”

Zhang also revisited Inter’s second-star Scudetto win, hinting at future plans: “We will definitely make a documentary about the championship victory, maybe in the form of videos and recordings rather than a narrative.” He didn’t forget to thank those who came before: “I called Moratti to thank him. Perhaps without him, Chinese fans like us would never have heard of Inter. As a child, I heard about Inter, Juventus, and Milan; if it weren’t for him and his father, perhaps we Chinese fans wouldn’t have had this bond. Today, I’m adding the second star, but without the trophies he won first, I wouldn’t have achieved what I have today.”

The Nerazzurri patron, practically the same age as his players (32 years old), also spoke about his relationship with them: “We’re relatively similar in age; many people in Italy, when I arrived at 24, thought I was a child. I see it in people’s eyes, wondering, ‘Is this the president of Inter?’ Regarding Inter players, I think they’re the best and the hardest workers. Serious people who, after training, go home, pay attention to their diet, and their families. At high levels, this is the direction: the more important the stars, the more attention they pay to their personal aspects.”

Zhang didn’t forget to mention an Inter legend, vice-president Zanetti: “A role model for everyone, very professional, never drinks, and is self-disciplined. Everyone gets along well at the club.” He also revealed that the first live football match he saw was in 2016 and that he has other “favorites” in his heart: “Before Inter-Udinese, when I presented myself at San Siro with the Suning delegation, I had never seen a football match at the stadium. After Inter, my favorite team is the Argentine national team.”

Finally, Zhang expresses a future hope, to one day see a Chinese player playing for Inter: “At the moment, there are no suitable players. I have often thought about this possibility, but the priority is to create a squad of the highest caliber.”


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