Allegri deputy to Spalletti: ‘I’ll eat your heart’


La Stampa published excerpts from the report on Juventus-Napoli produced by the FIGC which included Juve assistant head coach Marco Landucci telling Luciano Spalletti: ‘I’ll eat your heart’. It was a heated affair on Sunday evening, as a number of refereeing decisions seemingly went against both sides, with Napoli snatching a late winner to all but secure the Serie A title.

La Stampa report (as quoted by IlNapolista) that the the FIGC Prosecutor’s Office inspectors were present at the Allianz Stadium on Sunday night and wrote about a scathing attack by Massimiliano Allegri’s deputy, Marco Landucci, on Napoli coach Luciano Spalletti. Landucci, who was furious over refereeing decisions, addressed Spalletti saying, “Bald s***, I’ll eat your heart.” An attack to which Spalletti did not respond. It all happened in the belly of the Stadium. La Stampa writes:

“There is an offensive phrase that echoes in the three corridors of the Stadium and ends up in the three pages of attachments on Juve-Napoli drafted by the four envoys of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office in Turin. It is pronounced by Juve’s assistant coach Marco Landucci, who was “visibly displeased with some refereeing decisions,” against Luciano Spalletti, the head coach of the Partenopi bench. The two, according to the federal delegates’ report, “were coming within about a meter of each other. At that juncture, Landucci addressed the following words to Spalletti: “Bald s***, I’ll eat your heart out.” Spalletti, on entering the side corridor leading to the Napoli locker room, did not react toward Landucci.” The unpleasant episode was “entirely noted, clearly and unequivocally,” by one of the four federal investigators and today, along with the report of referee Fabbri, will be scrutinized by Sports Judge Gerardo Mastrandrea.”

Also noted in the federal inspectors’ papers are the chants against the Neapolitans and against Figc president Gabriele Gravina, sung by Juventus fans.

“Among the papers of the Federal Prosecutor’s Office on Juve-Napoli are also reported chants, intoned by the “sector called “Tribuna Sud First and Second Ring,” offensive towards the president of the FIGC (in the 26th minute of the first half), of territorial discrimination (before the match, in the 19th minute and 25th minute of the second half) reserved for Neapolitans or extolling the eruption of Vesuvius (53rd minute of the second half): chants of the same type, sung by the “second blue ring” of the Milan Curva Sud at San Siro, are reported in the Milan-Lecce report.”


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