Allegri: ‘We have to manage the ball better’


Max Allegri was happy with Juve’s 3-0 win over Udinese but insists the team still has areas where they need to improve. The Bianconeri were dominant in the opening 45 minutes of their victory over the Friulani, with Dusan Vlahovic, Federico Chiesa and Adrien Rabiot all on the scoresheet in the first half. A more sedate second-half followed, and speaking with DAZN, Allegri picked up on the change in attitude from his players, highlighting Federico Chiesa’s role in the attack:

“For me Chiesa is a striker. As an winger he isolates himself too much, becoming a counter attacking player. He and Vlahovic are improving playing together. Federico has to improve as a striker in the non-possession phase. For me he can score 14-16 goals.”

“Chiesa tends to go on the outside, so Andrea Cambiaso is useful because he is good at catching the center. When Chiesa is not there, I will put a more linear player, like Kostic. We also have Iling, I decided to put him in because he tends more to center.”

“Two things we have to improve. One is the management of the ball, but also the management of situations. We play for ourselves. Being out of the Champions League is a major miss. We will miss it, I don’t deny that. I would have preferred to play against the best teams in Europe. We finished third and we should have had the right to play Champions. But by now we have to take advantage of this opportunity.

“We won a game, we must not relax. After 2-0 we gave up. We have to cover spaces well even when we don’t cope with pressure.”

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