Blitzkrieg mercato finale??

With less than a week to pass before the mercato door slams shut the media is awash with cruel rumours of the gilded Portuguese seeking a hasty exit from Juve. I say cruel, because offering false hope to sensitive souls is a terrible way to behave, and there are a few lurking in the shadows who had given up all hope of the player (who to some is not even a name, he is a trademark CR7)…slinging his hook earlier than anticipated.

My fear with this is that rather than any concrete offer, Ronaldo is making a nuisance, drawing ugly attention, as he realises he no longer runs Juve. Nedved seemed constantly stuck inches away from tears or flying into a rage all through the Udinese game, whether we were 2 up or gifting goals, he remained clearly gloomy. Perhaps this is related…Apparently Mendes has flown in, maybe to pat Ron’s brow with a wet flannel and show him pictures of his muscles from different angles? Or for some other reason.

I would pounce blindly and without hesitation on the rumoured swap with Bernado Silva, if they don’t wish to pay. No idea how he would fit in, but he is class. And that 55m onerous wage, the fanfare, the special treatment, the 99% of the idolatry brigade he drags wherever he goes who are pure swine, the awful free kicks…all of it would be gone. That ambitious, mega roll of the dice didn’t work out. Nevermind. Now let’s give Max the chance to build a team. We have plenty of talent and potential. And as I have rambled elsewhere, I would be unsurprised to find not all the Juve players downbeat to see him leave, for too long has the club, the tactics, individual careers been forced to live in his shadow. Enough of that nonsense, lets get back to being a team. And after quite enjoying all of that gusto and bluster I am even more sure he will stay…as the reality is that nobody seems willing to pay him what he feels he deserves, so he will remain at Juve and offer style tips to Nedved as he plays his caddy on the golf course and Max is given a team sheet each week by Mendes with one name always included in the starting XI and on FK duty…

Alongside the Ronaldo saga, continue to circulate whispers of McKennie. Will Spurs make an offer??? Does Max deem him too clueless positionally and therefore not suitable for our CM, whilst proving at the very back of the pecking order for any of the offensive roles??? If so, who is to come in…our old friend Axel Witsel? Perhaps a rerun of the Hunt for Tolisso, who by now has proven himself an injury nightmare and not much of the player he once was when our former yearning blazed true and hot. And then there is the Monaco lad, apparently a new Pogba, Monsieur Tchouaméni, who would surely cost too much.

I would happily see Witsel appear. He remains a top lever player, very physical, intelligent…and there is an iciness, almost eerie, in the preternatural hue of his blue eyes.Technically gifted, strong in the air and on the grass, the Belgian is the closest we could find to a complete midfielder. Could prove a superb presence in the middle of the park and give us at least 2 solid seasons at his age. His experience potentially a potent foil for the youthful exuberance of Locatelli and Bentancur. Far more positives than any negatives, which centre around his age alone.

Also mentioned in some dark corners are…

Pellegrini to leave? Then who is our recognized second LB???


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