Boksic: ‘The Coppa Italia doesn’t save Juve’s season’


Former Juventus striker Alen Bokšić doesn’t believe that lifting the Coppa Italia will not redeem Juve’s season: “I expect them to at least fight for the Scudetto until the end.” Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Croatian international explained why he’s not impressed with the Bianconeri’s recent form and why he knew Igor Tudor would be a good fit for Lazio:

“I’m happy for Juve, but I’m sorry for Lazio and my friend Tudor, who came so close to a feat. I’ll see Igor on Saturday: I’ll be at the Olimpico for the match against Verona.”

More surprised to see Tudor on Lazio’s bench or Juve clinging to the Coppa Italia to avoid a third season with zero titles?

“Igor doesn’t surprise me. He’s young, but he already has coaching experience: Galatasaray, Udinese, Verona, Marseille… As I told him, Lazio is a great opportunity. From Juve, however, more is always expected: the Coppa Italia is a trophy, but it doesn’t define Juve’s season.”

What do you mean?

“From Juve, you expect them to at least fight for the Scudetto until the end. Instead, this year the race ended in February, in the direct clash with Inter. From that moment on, I’ve seen too many non-Juve matches.”

Yet, Vlahovic has scored more in 2024 than in the first part of the season…

“He’s an excellent striker and he’s only 24 years old. He has shown quality between Fiorentina and Juve. Dusan can become a top player like Haaland. But I never like comparisons. And anyway, in Italy, it’s harder to score than in England for a striker. It was like that in my time and it still is. But…”


“A striker always depends on the teammates behind him. Well, I was lucky: I looked back and saw Zidane, Jugovic, Deschamps, Conte… And next to me, there was Del Piero or Vieri. Dusan, on the other hand, plays in a more defensive Juve with difficulty in creating play.”

Juve fans miss one of his compatriots: Mandzukic. Do you agree?

“Juve could use more than one Mario. Mandzukic never gave up and always put the team first. When Higuain arrived, it seemed like the end for Mario. Instead, he moved to the left and almost made history with the overhead goal in the Champions League final.”

Juve’s priority is to improve the quality of the midfield… Would you recommend the 38-year-old Modric one last dance at Juve or the Croatian Ballon d’Or to the Bianconeri executives?

“Modric is blessed by God, he’s football: I would recommend him to any top club, even to Juve. I don’t know if Luka will leave Real when his contract expires, where he has already mentored Bellingham and other young players this season, but I’m convinced he has two more years of top-level football in him. Modric alone wouldn’t be enough to catch Inter, who deservedly won the Scudetto, but he would give a great hand.”

The present of the Bianconeri is Chiesa, the future Yildiz?

“Chiesa reminds me of his father, a striker I faced many times and whom I was in love with. Enrico was fast, dribbled well, and had a great shot. If he didn’t play for Milan, Juve, or Inter, it’s because back in our days, it was harder to wear those jerseys. Federico seems like a second striker who roams like his father: he has everything to explode. Yildiz has talent, but he’s only 18 years old: it’s better to take it slow.”

Your favorite players today?

“In Juve, Bremer. A tough defender: like those from my time. In Lazio, I adore Luis Alberto: I hope for the club and for Igor that the Magician stays next season too. In general, I’d say Haaland and Mbappé, two monsters.”


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