Cairo: “If Buongiorno stays, I will be extremely happy”


Torino president Urbano Cairo spoke with La Gazzetta dello Sport, offering insights into the future of the Granata following the commemoration of the Grande Torino tragedy on Superga. Reflecting on the club’s progress, Cairo expressed uncertainty about any shortcomings, stating:

“What has been lacking? I don’t know, I couldn’t say. However, I believe that this is the strongest Toro in my 18 years of club management. So, I cannot answer this question, you must ask others.”

Cairo highlighted the club’s robust transfer activity, emphasizing both player retention and acquisitions. He noted, “On one hand, we have retained all the best players, selling only Singo because his contract was expiring. On the other hand, we have brought in important players who have also made significant contributions: I’m referring to Zapata and Bellanova, just to name a couple. Last season, we made a significant investment in Ilic. This summer, we retained Sanabria, Ricci, and brought in Tameze, who made a valuable contribution… So, I can’t tell you what has been lacking. This Toro is strong, the strongest of my tenure.”

Discussing potential reinforcements, Cairo affirmed, “Certainly, yes: we have a very good foundation upon which we can make additions to strengthen those parts of the team that need it. The core group is very important; it needs to be retained and improved.”

Addressing the future of key player Alessandro Buongiorno, Cairo expressed his happiness if the defender chooses to stay, stating, “Last year, we kept him: he was happy, and I was even happier than he was. If Buongiorno stays, I will be extremely happy.”

On the topic of former coach Ivan Juric, Cairo revealed, “When the coach asked me to sign Ilic last year, I said, ‘Now I’ll sign Ilic, make such an important investment because you’re asking me to, but I want you to stay with us.’ And he said to me, ‘Yes, indeed…’ The situation then slipped away; he wanted to keep his options open, and that’s how it went. Contracts end at a certain point. If you don’t make another one, it obviously ends.”

Regarding Torino’s European aspirations, Cairo remained optimistic, stating, “At this moment, I don’t want to delve into the topic of the coach. We are three games away from the end, in my opinion, it’s not over yet. We are three points away from eighth place in the standings; this year, it’s possible that the league might spring surprises by extending the number of teams going to Europe. Everything is still possible: I don’t think we should only focus on finishing in the top half of the table. We can do something more.”


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