Cambiaso: ‘I like to study Cancelo’s movements’


Andrea Cambiaso revealed that former Juve full-back Joao Cancelo is a role-model for him and he studies the Portuguese’s’ movements to help him improve. Cambiaso was one of Juve’s best players on the night in their 3-0 victory over Udinese, and speaking with DAZN after the match, the 23-year-old explained why it’s a ‘privilege’ to be playing with the Bianconeri after spending so many seasons on loan around Serie A:

(Massimo Ambrosini’s question, ed.) I am glad you are doing very well, I had pointed you out as the young man who could express himself at a high level

“Thank you, it is an honor from a person you as Massimo.”

How have you found yourself in this new reality?

“Very well, for me to be here is a great privilege, so I am very happy. The tour went very well, from the first days, then for me who came from the bottom, to play with players of this caliber, it’s very nice, I feel a little bit like at the playground, I have a lot of fun on the field.”

You do this movement of cutting inside the pitch very well. Does it make you more or less comfortable? I’ve never seen a right-hander kick the corner with his left foot. What foot are you?

“I am left. Last year in Bologna I was doing that job, that led me to be in lower field positions. I have to say that this new role, doing it as a wing-back … I really like to attack, to try to attack, so I like it a lot, this position brings me to be more forward. With Federico this role works well for me because he by characteristics likes to start from the left, to center, and I can come inside the field. I can still improve a lot, because I’m only at the beginning. Even today the coach told me that I ran a little too much, at 65′-70′ I already had half cramps, so I definitely have to manage myself better, because I have to get to do this for 90 minutes, so I definitely can still do a lot.”

How much do you study Cancelo who is your role model?

“I like to see those movements there, I have a good photographic memory. I’m improving, I can do even better and Cancelo was one of the first ones.”

What do you tell kids who have footballing dreams?

“To believe in it and not to get down on themselves. When I was 17, when I was sent away from Genoa, I found myself in D at Albissola and that made me stronger. Work is the only solution.”

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