Capello: ‘Milan are wrong to look abroad for a new coach’


Former Milan coach Fabio Capello believes the Rossoneri are wrong to look abroad for a new coach: ‘Since 2000, only Mourinho has won.’ Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, the former Milan and England coach touched on the issues faced by coaches in Italy at present, not least Max Allegri and Stefano Pioli, who both look set to leave their respective clubs in the summer:

 Is there a risk of losing value, as well as experience, with the “let the young ones in” approach?

“That’s how it is: successful Italian coaches are in little demand. Nowadays, there’s much talk about foreigners and young talents, from De Rossi to Gilardino and Palladino. Perhaps the idea of executives is to seek something new, different, but also cost-effective. Pre-owned goods are less appealing.”

Does experience help…?

“To get out of every situation, especially the tough ones. In this case, we’re talking about coaches who have demonstrated great abilities. Today’s young ones are doing well and are growing, but the resume matters. In terms of victories, I see a ‘dash,’ not a number indicating how many trophies they’ve won. The same logic should apply to strikers: in the end, it’s about the goal tally. With all due respect to everyone, today, there are also agents…”

Should Serie A be more appreciative of the great Italian sages?

“It’s said that Conte has high expectations in the market, but it’s right because he’s a top-class coach. To accept an offer, he must be fully convinced: wherever he’s gone, he’s done his part well. Allegri still has a year left on his contract with Juve, and in the past, he’s turned down offers from big European clubs. Today, all the blame for this Juve, which is not a strong team, falls on him. The strange thing was to see it fighting for the title: it has a mediocre midfield, and the midfield is the engine of everything. Sarri withdrew himself, and let’s not forget another incredible case: here, Ancelotti was considered finished…”

Are you surprised that Milan is looking abroad for a new coach?

“Who from outside has come to win in Italy? Liedholm, Boskov, Eriksson: few examples and now outdated. Since 2000, only Mourinho. It must mean something. We look outside when at home we have Thiago Motta, who is ready for the big clubs. The same goes for Gasperini: it’s not just one year that he’s been dancing, he’s been doing it for years. And every time, he manages to give something more to the team, constantly renewing himself and always remaining competitive. For his abilities, he deserves any important bench.”

Meanwhile, there’s still talk of coaches from other countries or young talents who are advancing too quickly.

“It depends on what a club is looking for, what idea it has, and what type of football it wants to see on the field. We’ve talked about experience, but it’s also true that courage is needed. If Berlusconi hadn’t had it, there wouldn’t have been the Milan of Sacchi, Capello, or Ancelotti. There are young ones who are doing well. De Zerbi? He has a great sponsor in Guardiola. He did well at Sassuolo, now he’s struggling a bit. He won a Super Cup in Ukraine; you can say he’s an Italian with international experience. And today, to coach Milan or Juve, you need to know many things.”


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