Chiesa: ‘We have to play modern football’


Federico Chiesa believes Juventus had the right game plan against Udinese in their 3-0 win: “We pressed them high, we have to play like this.” The Bianconeri looked to have turned over a new leaf, scoring three goals in the first half, a far cry from their performances last season.

Speaking with DAZN after the match, Chiesa explained why he was encouraged by the display, but insisted that the team have to continue in this vein:

You started the season as you had concluded it, with a goal in Udine. But the whole team has a very different anger.

“Yes, today we played a great game, especially in the first half we were very intense, we went to press them high, we have to play like that, this is modern football , we have to go and catch teams high, put pressure on them, don’t always close ourselves behind and also be proactive and today we showed that.”

Can you tell me about your celebration? You didn’t know whether to vent a release, whether to cheer with the fans?

“No, I wanted to do the slide that I hadn’t done in a while. I wasn’t controversial with anyone, I was joking with the bench, I did “1” like that, with carlo and Mattia, but nothing controversial.”

There has been a lot of discussion about your position, about whether you can play second striker next to Vlahovic. How do you fit in?

“I find myself well, then we are not stationary, we move, that’s what the coach is asking us. And also with the arrival of Francesco Magnanelli we are trying these new tactics and I’m finding myself well.”

Are there gaps or is the team already ready to try to win the Scudetto?

“For the market you have to talk to the director, we focus on the pitch and as the coach said our goal this year is to get to the Champions League, then we will see.”


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