Claudio Marchisio responds to Ultras’ backlash over derby comments


Former Juventus midfielder Claudio Marchisio has addressed the controversy sparked by his recent comments about the Turin derby. Appearing on a recent  podcast, Marchisio stated: “The Turin derby? It’s especially heated thanks to Torino’s fans. They are the soul of the challenge. Juventus supporters, on the other hand, are scattered all over the world.” These seemingly simple words ignited the ire of the Drughi, Juventus’ ultras group.

In an interview with La Stampa, Marchisio elaborated on the situation and his stance:

On the cause of the controversy:

“We must not give up. I carry on and share battles I believe in, thinking also of my children. I feel responsible. The content of the banner doesn’t affect me, but I can’t allow someone to feel authorized to react like this to an opinion.”

Regarding the context of his statement:

“We’re in a world where a few frames are enough to think we know reality. It’s like VAR in football: an isolated kick to the ankle and it’s immediately a penalty, but looking at the images again, the reality is different. I had prepared myself to talk about percentages of fans, I only reported what I had read.”

On the ultras’ banner:

“It’s not normal to go with a banner in front of a venue of which I’m not even the sole owner. I’m perplexed that in the world of football, one can do whatever comes to mind, though I’m not generalizing, of course.”

Marchisio’s view on football’s role:

“It’s a mirror of life: of a society that has problems, but this is also where we must start. When expressing an idea, one takes into account that it can generate a firm confrontation with those who disagree. There must be a limit, however, and when crossed, the response should not be silence. I teach this to my children and my clients. Welcome the courage to oppose the misconduct of a football where anything goes.”

His message:

“Fortunately, there are many examples of athletes or well-known figures who are not afraid to express themselves. Discussion is welcome, but it should not generate hatred. Just let it go.”

Defending his Juventus loyalty:

“My passion for Juventus goes back to childhood: dad and mom took me to the stadium, and I went to train wearing the shirt I had dreamed of. No one can leverage a statement based on data to question my faith. I didn’t disrespect the fans, and the true ones understood that – they are the majority.”

On Thiago Motta:

“His journey as a coach doesn’t surprise me. Even on the field, he asserted his ideas and advised his teammates. He did well to accept [the job], he should be given time to build.”

Regarding the national team:

“As an Italian, I felt bad. We need balance: we weren’t the favorites, but we’re not the worst. In football, anything can happen.”

What he would say to those who offended him:

“I would seek a confrontation, which is what I wanted from the beginning. As civilized people and without seeing them behind a banner to feel stronger.”


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