CorSport: Federico Chiesa’s Juventus renewal Increasingly difficult


According to Il Corriere dello Sport, the relationship between Federico Chiesa and Juventus has become increasingly complicated. With Chiesa’s contract set to expire in 2025, renewal negotiations have hit a deadlock, leading many to believe that a separation is inevitable.

Juventus: No Renewal for Federico Chiesa? The Current Situation

According to the newspaper, Juventus management aim to reduce the overall wage bill, while Chiesa is unwilling to accept the terms offered by the club. If this stalemate continues, parting ways seems to be the only solution. Chiesa’s transfer to Juventus cost around €55 million, including a €10 million two-year loan (2020-2022) and an additional €45 million payable to Fiorentina over three years. This means that the remaining amortized amount on the balance sheet is about €15 million. Consequently, if Juventus were to sell Chiesa for at least €25 million, they would still achieve a capital gain of €10 million.

Market Interest

Chiesa has attracted interest from several Premier League clubs, but his admirers are not limited to England. In Serie A, Roma are  notably interested, with Daniele De Rossi keen to bring him to his squad.

Chiesa currently earns 5 million euros per season. Juventus has proposed a contract extension until 2027 with slightly reduced terms, which has led to the impasse in negotiations.


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