Di Canio

Di Canio’s outburst: “I would grab and beat two Croatian players by the neck”


Sky Sport pundit Paolo Di Canio suggested that he would ‘beat’ two of the Croatian players, if he were their coach. Di Canio, speaking live on Sky Sport, controversially stated that if he were in coach Dalic’s shoes, he would have physically reprimanded two of his players.

The former Lazio striker expressed his frustration with the defensive efforts of Majer and Juranovic, whom he deemed lazy in their defensive duties during the play that led to Spalletti’s team’s equalizer. Di Canio found their performance unacceptable and suggested it warranted a violent confrontation in the locker room:

“I would beat Majer and Juranovic. Because if you see their return run, it’s all on the outside and they don’t close in. Zaccagni does something wonderful because at the last breath, you have to put it there, and it’s a masterpiece. But I would beat them, really. We’re talking about the national team, and they let a goal like that happen? Two fresh players, just entered. Only when Calafiori makes the one-two do they start the return run and run in line with Calafiori instead of recovering their position as soon as possible by closing in because the game is over. Luckily for us. Look at them, one goes a bit horizontal and doesn’t run after him, and here the ball passes because Juranovic doesn’t drop back and close in! But really, I would beat them. These things have happened in the locker room, I would grab them by the neck as often happens. The sense of responsibility… And anyway, coaches do it.”

These remarks caused significant embarrassment and tension in the Sky Sport studio, with host Leo Di Bello repeatedly correcting the former Lazio striker, using the word “reprimand” instead of “beat”.


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