Dybala: ‘I would have loved to have Morata at Roma’


Roma forward Paulo Dybala confirmed that he is remaining at the club and revealed he spoke with Alvaro Morata about joining the Giallorossi. The Argentine international gave a lengthy interview to Spanish newspaper AS and talked about the beginning of the new season and his hopes with Roma for the new campaign:

Paulo, a new season begins.

“I am very happy. I haven’t experienced a preseason from the start for years. It will be positive for me.”

We are experiencing the summer of Saudi Arabia.

“Football is a global sport, it is followed all over the world, and they have the same right as we do to see the big names up close. Then it is up to each person to make a decision. At the competitive level it is still very early, they have started to sign big players now, as happened with MLS in the beginning.”

You also received proposals and decided to stay in Rome.

“Because I am comfortable here. They treated me in a unique way. During the vacations I kept talking with Mou and we both wanted to give something more. We came close to achieving an important goal and we left with a bittersweet taste. I felt very comfortable in all respects. Also, at the end of the season we have a very important competition with the national team, doing well here will help me to be there to win the trophy I am missing with Argentina.”

Do you see a growing Serie A?

“Last year there was great competitiveness, and it will be the same. It is difficult to choose the main candidate for the Scudetto, many teams have strengthened. Italian football has done very well in all competitions: Inter were very close in the Champions League, when everyone thought City would score many goals against them in the final. Unfortunately, we lost on penalties in the Europa League and Fiorentina were also one step away from winning the Conference League. Let’s hope it continues like this, Italian football deserves it.”

What are your memories of the final with Sevilla?

“It was very sad. I made it to the final in extremis because of a knock, I managed to be there, to help the team, and unfortunately it wasn’t enough. I think we deserved it, but Sevilla also went through a very difficult path to get to the final. The penalties decreed their victory and you have to congratulate them. For us it was a great pain.”

In the Super Cup, the Andalusians made City suffer.

“I saw it, they had a chance to win. There was a moment when it seemed like every counterattack could be a goal and the last penalty Bono almost parried it. Football is like that.”

Mou said you were gold, and a “boy from another era.”

“To hear those words from a coach who has worked with great champions is a huge pleasure. I always say that it is the group that makes me feel good and allows me to give my best. I am grateful to him, his staff and my teammates.”

You finished your first season here with 18 goals and eight assists. Sometimes it seems that Roma revolves around your ideas.

“I have a lot of confidence in myself, in the contribution I can make. If teammates rely on me, it’s a beautiful responsibility. Sometimes it seems like we don’t have a very flashy game, but it’s always very effective and that brings out the individual achievements of the players.”

What kind of Roma will we see this year?

“We will try to improve in all competitions. We want to give a title to our fans, who deserve it. With the reinforcements that have arrived and those that could arrive, we have a very good squad. We will try to be more aggressive, deeper, with a game that gives us more opportunities.”

You talked about reinforcements, and in recent weeks there have been several rumors about your friend Morata….

“And I was calling him every time (laughs). We are very close friends, he’s almost family, I’ve known him for a long time. Obviously it’s not a viable option, but I would have loved to have him here in Rome with us. We met in our first year at Juve, from the beginning there was a great friendship, which has grown over the years. With the birth of Bella, his last daughter, they gave us a surprise saying that my partner and I would be her godparents. It was beautiful, we were so happy and whenever we can, we go to see them, although now we want to see the baby more than her parents (laughs).”

One friend of yours did come, though: Paredes.

“When I heard he could come I called him every day, asking him news and if I could help him in any way. I was very happy, I know he likes the city and the club very much. The quality he has will help us.”


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