Fredy Guarin: ‘I’ve been an alcoholic for years, I want to thank Zanetti and Cordoba for the help’


Former Inter midfielder Fredy Guarin has candidly discussed his battle with alcohol addiction in an interview with the magazine Semana. Guarin recounted the challenging moments he has faced and his ongoing struggle to break free from the grip of addiction, as quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport:

A Battle with Addiction

“At a certain point, I let myself get ‘distracted’ and turned to alcohol,” Guarin admitted. “I made many mistakes, took wrong decisions, hurt a lot of people, and caused suffering for my loved ones and friends. On social media, I’ve been seen in bad or strange situations because alcohol has always been the worst trigger for everything that happened to me.”

Acknowledging His Problem

Guarin, who scored a crucial goal in a Milan derby in September 2015, continued with brutal honesty: “I am 100% an alcoholic, and I admit it. I am a recovering addict. I have been an alcoholic for several years. When I left Millonarios in 2021, I hit rock bottom because my addiction had become very serious. I wasn’t working out anymore, I had lost my dignity, the trust of my loved ones, and the most important thing I have—my three children. I lost many things on an emotional and romantic level. It reached a point where I couldn’t go on like that. I had to ask for help. I had done so several times before but always relapsed. This time, I had to surrender and seek help from professionals to rebuild things and regain the trust of my children, my relatives, and my friends. I couldn’t do it alone. But this time is different, and it’s the definitive time. I’ve knocked on the devil’s door, and it’s not the best place to be. I know which path is not the right one, and the right path is the one God gives me strength for every day, to live a sober and healthy life, to give my children all the love I have for them.”

Fears and Regrets

Guarin shared his deepest fears: “I have two fears: death and prison. I have a tattoo that says, ‘I fear death and prison,’ and without realizing it, I was living in a prison condemned to death. You want to know if I’ve been close to death or prison? Yes, the truth is that on that dark path I was on, I was close to death because I had no respect, no limits, no courage, and I let myself be dragged further into that hole every day. I’ve knocked on the gates of hell. I know what it is, and I never want to go back to that life. The darkness and unrest I lived with were not pleasant. I didn’t understand what I was risking when I was drunk. Those were very painful moments, and I was already living in a prison. The day the incident with my parents happened—referring to the violent altercation at their home and the video circulating on social media where he argues with the police—the officers didn’t take me to jail. They were kind, calm, put me in the car but never handcuffed or mistreated me. They were conscientious and professional. They treated me humanely, even though I was aggressive.”

Grateful for Support

Guarin concluded with gratitude for those who stood by him: “I’ve lost many friends, but others have stayed by my side. Now I know who my true friends are, the ones who want to see me well. Falcao, James Rodriguez, Juan Fernando Quintero, Ospina, Cuadrado, Zanetti, Córdoba, and others were there during those dark moments. They were willing to help me. Others left without a word. They weren’t real friends.”

Fredy Guarin’s story is a powerful testament to the struggle against addiction and the importance of seeking help and having a support system. His journey towards recovery is ongoing, but his determination to regain his life and the love of his children is unwavering.


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