Galeone: ‘Allegri Should Go abroad to the Premier League’


Giovanni Galeone, former coach and close friend of Max Allegri, believes the Juve boss should head to the Premier League this summer. Allegri has found himself under increasing pressure after the Bianconeri could only manage a 0-0 draw with Genoa, leaving them with just one win in their last eight matches. Speaking with La Gazzetta dello Sport, Galeone talked about Juve’s season to date and what he believes the club and Allegri need to do next:

“I haven’t seen Juventus against Genoa and I’ll tell you why: I heard too many criticisms directed at Max after Napoli. The Bianconeri played one of the best games of the year at the Maradona stadium and deserved the win.”

The 0-0 against Genoa extends Juve’s negative streak: only one victory in the last 8 matches and only 7 points…

“The positive thing is that Juventus didn’t concede a goal, and it’s the first time since the draw with Empoli at the end of January. It’s a good thing, and Max will have to start from this aspect to secure the 11-12 points he needs to ensure qualification for the Champions League. I knew it wouldn’t be easy against Genoa because, as I said to President Zangrillo, the Rossoblu have a good identity and cause problems for everyone. And it won’t be easy for Juventus even after the break against the new Lazio: Tudor is a tough coach, and both Vlahovic and Milik will be missing.”

Juventus, after 29 matches, have 59 points like last season, but without the investigations, points penalties, and participation in the European Cups… are you Surprised?

“For 21 matches, until Empoli, Juventus did better than expected. But in the last 8 matches, the pace is relegation zone level, and the risk is to ruin what has been done well in the first part.”

The Bianconeri have received jeers at the Allianz Stadium even against Genoa. Do you still think Allegri would do well to stay at Juventus in the future?

“Max is linked to Juventus and the Agnelli family. And the Club World Cup is an intriguing event. However…”


“I listened to Giuntoli’s reassurances on television, but then Max publicly said that the club hasn’t told him anything about the future yet. I think that 9 matches before the end of the season, Giuntoli should confirm Allegri even privately, telling him the same things.”

If Allegri asked you for advice as a friend for the future?

“Until some time ago, I would have told him to stay. Now, instead, I would tell him that it’s time to seek affirmation abroad, as Capello and Ancelotti did after many successes in Italy. Allegri has coached and won with Milan and Juventus. In black and white, he is in his eighth season, and only Trapattoni has more appearances than him on the bench. I don’t see Max in Saudi Arabia, but he would be perfect for England. The next summer will be a summer of big changes all over Europe: I would see Max doing very well at Liverpool for post-Klopp or at Manchester United.”

Barzagli said that this Juventus will need “3 total impact signings” to be competitive next year in the league, Champions League, and World Cup. Do you agree?

“I don’t know if Giuntoli arrived too late this year, but so far, he hasn’t had an impact on the transfer market. At Juventus, who have excellent young players, 4-5 important signings are needed. Koopmeiners in midfield, Calafiori in defence, and Felipe Anderson on the wing would be excellent reinforcements. But I think something else is needed: starting with a role-playing as regista because Locatelli has been adapted to the role.”


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