Inter linked with Vitor Roque on loan from Barcelona


Amidst the ongoing negotiations for Albert Gudmundsson from Genoa, Inter have set their sights on an alternative option for their attacking lineup: Vitor Roque. According to La Gazzetta dello Sport, the Brazilian talent has emerged as a potential target for the Nerazzurri.

Vitor Roque, nicknamed “Tigrinho” in his homeland, has found himself on Inter’s radar as they seek to bolster their attacking options. Roque, who arrived at Barcelona in January, has struggled to secure regular playing time under Xavi, prompting discussions of an early departure from his loan spell.

At just 17 years old, Roque was considered a rising star in international football merely a year ago, drawing comparisons to other prodigious talents like Endrick, who is set to join Real Madrid next season. However, his limited opportunities at Barcelona have led his agent, André Cury, to openly discuss the possibility of a transfer.

Inter have been presented with the option of acquiring Roque on loan, with the young Brazilian eager to prove himself in the Nerazzurri setup. Roque’s name is not unfamiliar to Inter, as he was previously scouted extensively during South American tours.

While discussions with Genoa for Gudmundsson continue, Inter see Roque as a potentially cost-effective alternative. Unlike Gudmundsson, whose acquisition would require a substantial investment, Roque’s loan move represents a more immediate solution for Inter’s attacking needs.


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