Inter Milan to secure new funding from England, bypassing Oaktree


La Gazzetta dello Sport claim that Inter president Steven Zhang is once again orchestrating a strategic financial move to maintain ownership. This time, the narrative diverges from the familiar partnership with the Californian investment firm Oaktree, signaling a new horizon in the club’s financial landscape.

Gazzetta claim that the impending transaction bears a striking resemblance to the pivotal funding arrangement that rescued Inter from financial turmoil three years prior, in May 2021. However, the key difference lies in the identity of the financing partner. While Oaktree had been Zhang’s ally in the past, recent developments indicate a departure from this alliance.

Zhang had been in advanced discussions with Oaktree regarding a renewal of financing, with figures reaching up to €375 million, including interest. Yet, the terms proposed by the American firm—namely, a shorter repayment window of 12 to 24 months and a higher interest rate exceeding the previous 12% agreement—prompted Zhang to explore alternatives.

Enter a new contender from across the Atlantic: a British fund poised to inject approximately €400 million into Inter over a three-year term, offering an interest rate comparable to Oaktree’s. This prospective deal not only presents Zhang with a lifeline to repay Oaktree’s loan but also secures a more extended period of financial stability, providing ample room for the club’s future trajectory.

The intricacies of the proposed arrangement entail repaying Oaktree’s €375 million loan, thereby releasing the club’s shares from collateral, while simultaneously engaging in a similar transaction with the new British fund. This maneuver affords Zhang the flexibility to navigate the club’s evolving landscape, particularly amidst forthcoming revenue boosts anticipated from events such as the FIFA Club World Cup and potential stadium developments.

As the May 20 deadline looms, Inter’s financial fate hangs in the balance. While speculation regarding potential acquisitions or buyout offers swirls within financial circles, Zhang’s steadfast commitment to retaining ownership remains unwavering. The club’s valuation stands firm at €1.2 billion, a figure that would only entertain discussions of relinquishing ownership to a suitor capable of meeting such a valuation.

However, amidst the ongoing negotiations and strategic maneuvers, one thing remains clear: the current focus is on preserving Inter’s legacy and stability under Zhang’s stewardship. Daily communications between club executives and Zhang underscore a unified vision for the future, one that prioritizes financial prudence and continuity in both on and off-field matters.


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