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Inzaghi: ‘Arnautovic will do well – We lack a defender, Pavard is a target’


Inter coach Simone Inzaghi confirmed that the club are in the market for a new centre-back and are interested in Benjamin Pavard. The Nerazzurri kick off the new campaign by hosting high-flying Monza tomorrow, and speaking in his pre-match presser, Inzaghi addressed the transfer market, former players now at Monza, the links with Pavard and former Inter striker Romelu Lukaku, who has yet to find himself a new club:

It’s off again, what Inter will the fans find?

“It will be exciting, it is the first time we will see our fans again after Istanbul where they were wonderful. We are looking forward to starting and hope to do it the right way. The fans deserve it.”

What vibes are you feeling?

“In terms of preparation, the guys have been working very well despite the long trips. The team has been training in the best possible way. We know we have responsibilities. We played 3 games before the season in the right way.”

What assessment do you give on the market?

“We know it is a complicated market for almost everyone. We know that a lot of change is taking place. Some of the best in their role in Italy. Prospective players have arrived and someone more experienced who will help them.”

Team level?

“The pitch will tell. We have changed a lot because of our choices and those of some players. What we will be will be told by the field. I have seen a lot of commitment. The young people have great experience. Then there are some more experienced ones.”

and favorites?

“I don’t like to make predictions. I said our big dream is to win the second star for our fans. Our goal is to win trophies and play as many games as possible. We know it will be a difficult path but we will put our best effort into it.”

What will be crucial?

“Enthusiasm and motivation. The guys have shown me crazy commitment. There have been changes, which didn’t happen last year. That’s part of modern football. We have this unknown element of the open market. Maybe we are thinking about something that will be different on September 1. The Arab market will be open another 15 days. Some coaches may find themselves without players and possibilities to replace them.”

On the fixtures and departures?

“It leaves time for that. Last year we were supposed to have a difficult schedule at the end and that is where we secured a Champions place. In the last 10 we won eight matches. In Serie A all the teams are very organized.”

“I saw the team working well. It is going behind the principles of play that we propose. The market is a big unknown. With the club we compare ourselves and we know that we lack an important defender and we should be good at finding him.”


“I have already spoken and I thank him for what he gave us last year. You know I wanted him and I wanted him this season as well. I’m sorry for how it ended and how he was received by the Inter family.”

On the attack:

“The four I have at my disposal are working well. Thuram and Arnautovic are of great caliber who must secure goals for Dzeko and Lukaku. I’m sure they will do very well and integrate very well with the other two.”

On Sommer and Thuram:

“They are players who come from other leagues. Thuram speaks perfect Italian. Sommer is a great professional. In addition to them we have made other signings that give us the possibility to be complete in every department. We know that we lack a defender and the club is working for that.”

What characteristics must the defender have?

“He has to be a full-back. In the central department we have added Bisseck. He has very good prospects who is working very well. He will give us satisfaction but it is right to wait for him. We are lacking a right FB which is not so easy to find. There is some profile we are working on.”

Other striker in the attack?

“Four players are needed. Right now I am satisfied and hopefully they will help the team a lot tomorrow.”

Your nomination among the best coaches along with De Zerbi and Spalletti?

“I am very happy with these prestigious nominations together with two great coaches. It has to be shared with the staff and the players.”

On newcomers Arnautovic and Thuram?

“They are footballers with different characteristics. Arnatovic is a central striker with technical characteristics and experience. Thuram has done very well in recent years. We were already interested in him. They are two players who complement well with the two in the squad.”

Can Sensi stay?

“He is working very well. I am very happy and I was also happy in the first six months he was with me. He is working with me and I am satisfied. Now I’m thinking about Monza.”

On Monza and former players Carlos Augusto and Frattesi?

“Monza is a very organized team, with a very good coach who put us in trouble. We have been training to make sure that we can play a very good game. Augusto and Frattes are two great players who will give us a hand. Frattesi is a modern mezz’ala. Carlos allows us to have important alternatives.”

Would you trade the candidacy among UEFA’s top coaches for Pavard?

” He is a goal but not the only one. There is a not very deep roster. We need an important player. Darmian has been an important player, but in all roles I need competition because you raise the intensity.”

On Sacchi’s words?

“I have not read him. We will try to make those who speak badly about my boys recant on the field.”

On former players Gagliardini and D’Ambrosio, now at Monza:

“Tomorrow San Siro will applaud them, along with Carboni. D’Ambrosio and Gagliardini are two great professionals and they deserve the applause of San Siro.”


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