Juventus Salernitana

Italian Referees Association confirm VAR could not see Candreva


Following Juventus’ scandalous draw against Salernitana yesterday evening in Turin, the Italian Referees Association confirm that VAR were incapable of seeing Antonio Candreva standing towards minimal distance of the corner flag.

Sparks ignited within Turin as Arkadiusz Milik’s winner for Juventus was ruled offside as Leonardo Bonucci attempted to connect with a header prior to the ball entering the net. Based on the images aired on television, the call was accurate and within the guidelines of the sport. However, social media demonstrated otherwise.

Images circulated throughout various platforms of Antonio Candreva standing extremely close of the corner flag, resulting in Bonucci finding himself within an onside position.

With many Juventus supporters infuriated after witnessing their club drop two points due to a significant error, the IFA released an official statement regarding the controversial decision:

“With regard to the Juventus-Salernitana incident, a video released at the end of the match, first on the web and then taken up by many media outlets. The technical body of CAN has viewed all the images made available by VAR for the match in question, finding no correspondence with the video in question.

“The technical body of CAN also expressly asked the company that provides the technological service for VAR if the camera in question, defined as tactical, was available to the VAR officials for the match played at the Juventus Stadium.

“The answer that was given was that the camera was not available to VAR and therefore could not be used by the referees. With this we are convinced that we have clarified the incident.”

Julian Faustini

21 years old, football writer for Footitalia. Calcio is my life and passion.