Juventus prepared to ditch Rabiot renewal talks


Juventus are reportedly considering significant changes to their roster, with Adrien Rabiot, Wojciech Szczesny, and Federico Chiesa at the center of the club’s deliberations. These three key players, who have been unable to reach new contract agreements with the club, present both a challenge and an opportunity for Juventus’ management, led by sporting director Cristiano Giuntoli.

Rabiot’s Demands and Potential Departure

Il Corriere dello Sport report how Rabiot, who currently earns €14 million gross annually, is seeking an increase to €8 million net per year, a figure Juventus is reluctant to meet. With his contract set to expire in just 21 days, Rabiot’s value is diminishing, making it a critical juncture for both the player and the club. Despite Giuntoli’s efforts to negotiate a three-year extension at €7 million per year, Rabiot is considering more lucrative offers from English clubs. Juventus, aiming to reduce their wage bill from €125 million to under €100 million, might opt to end negotiations altogether.

Financial Implications and Possible Transfers

The combined annual salaries of Rabiot, Szczesny, and Chiesa amount to €40 million. Szczesny, at 34, is another high earner, with Juventus prepared to save €13 million annually by replacing him with Michele Di Gregorio. Chiesa, whose contract also expires in 2025, could bring in €25 million if sold now, adding to the potential savings. These financial moves could free up €65 million, funds that could be reinvested in acquiring players like Douglas Luiz and Mason Greenwood.

Chiesa’s Uncertain Future

Chiesa is also at a crossroads with Juventus as he is unwilling to spread out his earnings over a longer contract period, and his future with the club is uncertain. While interest from Roma and Napoli has cooled recently, the possibility of his departure remains on the table as Juventus seeks to optimize its financial and player assets.

Szczesny’s Situation

Szczesny’s high salary and advancing age have prompted Juventus to consider a younger replacement. The club’s swift move to secure Michele Di Gregorio highlights their intent to manage the transition smoothly. However, keeping Szczesny could lead to a scenario where he becomes an expensive and potentially discontented figure within the squad, impacting team dynamics.


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