Legal battle looms after Juventus confirm Allegri’s dismissal for just cause


Sky Sport Italia report that a long legal battle between Juventus and Massimiliano Allegri is looming on the horizon. Allegri has received notification of dismissal for just cause from Juventus, following the events after the post-match of the Coppa Italia final, which led to the decision to terminate his contract.

Currently, the former Juventus coach is in London, attending the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Borussia Dortmund. Allegri received the notification while in the English capital. Juventus had reportedly lost trust in the Livorno-born coach after his behaviour towards the management on the Olimpico pitch. and the alleged aggression towards Tuttosport director Guido

uventus had initially contested Allegri on the day of his dismissal; the coach, along with his lawyers, a team led by Paolo Rodella, then presented his defence within five days. Apparently, these defences were not deemed adequate by the club, which then proceeded to notify the dismissal for just cause.

Allegri will soon file an appeal against the dismissal, appealing to the labour court and labour judge. This will lead Allegri and Juventus to court, engaging in a battle without holding back and It can be assumed that in the appeal, Allegri will himself seek damages from the club for defamation.


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